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Precise Dynamics

Quality management

For reliable implementation of innovative performance modern measuring techniques such as the metrology of Zeiss and Digital Measurement of Steinbichler are essential in quality assurance.

  • Free Reverse engineering of the active parts
  • 100% CAD tool data
  • High security of your production
  • Sampling according to VDA (serial measurement)
  • Provision of compatible measurement programs

HERU was voted one of the Top 20 "Tool Builder of the Year" in the conduct of the benchmark "Excellence in Production".



  • Machbarkeitbewertung
  • Produkt- bzw. Projektbezogene Qualitätsplanung
  • Lehrenkonzepte
  • Messaufnahmen
  • Lehren
  • Lohnmessung
  • Digitalisierung von Freiformflächen


DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 WZB/Automotive
DIN EN ISO 14001:2000 WZB/Automotive